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Clubs and Organizations

The Forest Hills High School takes pride in offering our students a wide variety of clubs and organizations that keep the students involved in and out of school. Click on the club or organization link to see more information about that club or organization.

Club Name: MathCounts 

Club Description: This club enriches students who enjoy problem-solving, acquiring new skills, and challenging themselves in solving rigorous math problems of all backgrounds. These students then use these skills to compete against other schools throughout the area and state. 

Grades: 7 and 8 

Advisor: Sarah Deibert

Advisor's Email: [email protected]

Advisor's Phone Extension: 6303

Meeting Location: Room C303

Meeting Day/Time: TBA

  • Club Description: Group of students who run and organize various student activities throughout the year, including dances, fundraisers, field trips, special events, etc. We also initiate teacher appreciation gifts and events, along with decorations for the lobby area.

    Grades: 7 & 8

    Advisor: Mrs. Curry

    Advisor's email: [email protected]

    Phone Extension: (814)-487-7613 ext. 6303

    Meeting Location: C303

    Meeting Day/Time: Every other Tuesday during lunch (activities for HS schedule)

  • Club Description: Yearbook staff members take pictures, conduct interviews, and design the pages of the yearbook throughout the school year. In addition, they help market the book to the school and help raise money for the yearbook club. As a member of the yearbook club, students will get to meet new friends and interact with students in multiple grade levels. Students will also improve their social skills, learn the importance of organization and meeting deadlines, use their creativity, and explore digital technology.

    Grades: 7-8

    Advisor: Dr. Motter

    Advsior Email: [email protected]

    Advisor Phone Extension: (814) 487-7613 ext. 6102

    Meeting Location: C102

    Meeting Day/Time: Friday Activity Periods

  • art techClub Description: Junior-Senior High students who are interested in art and technology are encouraged to attend announced ArtTech Club meetings held during activities periods in C102. ArtTech Club members participate in contests and large-scale projects include community art projects created using traditional and digital art-making tools. 

    Grades: 7-12

    Advisor: Dr. Motter

    Advisor’s email: [email protected]

    Advisor’s phone extension: (814) 487-7613 ext. 6102

    Meeting Location: C102

    Meeting Day/Time: Friday, Activity Period

astronomy clubClub Description: Astronomy Club celebrates amateur astronomy through occasional group events and evening stargazing sessions.


Grades: 7-12

Advisor: Mrs. M. Patton

Advisor’s email: [email protected]

Advisor’s phone extension: (814) 487-7613 ext. 5306

Meeting Location: B306

Meeting Day/Time: As needed

playing chessDescription: Chess is the purist strategy game ever created.  Chess has been shown to raise overall student IQ by developing problem solving skills, logic, concentration, planning skills and memory.  Students will develop these skills while demonstrating proper sportsmanship in competition with peers.  Most importantly, students have fun while learning a game they can play for a lifetime.

Grades: 7-12

Advisor: Mr. David Satka

Advisor's email: [email protected]

Advisor's phone: (814) 487-7613 ext. 6206

Meeting Location: C206

Meeting Day/Time: Mondays & Wednesday, Activity Period

chorusClub Description: Choruses are performing ensembles for students who like to sing.

Grades: 7-12

3 ensembles: 7, 8/9, 10-12

Advisor: Mr. Parlock

Advisor’s email: [email protected]

Advisor’s phone extension: (814) 487-7613 ext. 1001

Meeting Location: D101 (Chorus Room)

Meeting Day/Time: 1st period (10-12), 6th Period (7th grade), 8th period (8/9 grades)

FBLAClub Description: Forest Hills Future Business Leader's of America (FBLA)

Grades: 10-12

Advisor: Mrs. Makin & Ms. Yevchak

Advisor’s email: [email protected], l[email protected]

Advisor’s phone extension: (814)-487-7613 ext. 4204

Meeting Location: Ms. Yevchaks Room

Meeting Day/Time: Membership in Fall--in person


Virtual Business

Mrs. Makin's Classroom Page

State FBLA Testing


Google Class Codes--Fall


forensicsClub Description: Forensics provides an opportunity for students to learn, develop, and enhance public speaking skills in a variety of areas. Some categories showcase acting skills; others require research and writing; some utilize impromptu and debating skills, and still others allow for animated reading. Our goal is to develop communication skills that will benefit participants in the workforce, in further education, and in their daily interactions.


Grades: 9-12

Advisor: Melissa Livermore, Toni Wentzel

Advisor Email: [email protected] 
[email protected] 

Advisor’s phone extension: (814) 487-7613 ext. 4201

Meeting Location: Practices take place after school in rooms A201 and A202. Periodic meetings take place during the activities period in the same classrooms.

Meeting Day/Time: This activity is year long, depending on a student's success.
Members attend a  Demonstration workshop in September where interested students will witness the top speakers from the previous season and view a sample of every speech category.
Practices begin in late October/early November. Because the team members compete individually, there is flexibility in the practice schedule depending on a student's conflicts.  

The first competition occurs in December with the regular season finishing in late January. Team members travel to local schools. The league is made up of 23 schools in Cambria, Blair, Bedford, and Somerset counties.
Additional competitions:
Districts-mid February
Regional-early March at St. Francis University
States-mid March at Bloomsburg University (
Nationals-Memorial Day weekend, site changes annually: 2022 is scheduled for Washington, DC, and 2023 is scheduled for Louisville, KY ( )

media clibClub Description: The media club is responsible for daily news, breaking news, streaming extracurricular events and producing videos for the school and various outside sources.

Grades: 9-12

Advisor: Mrs. Raptosh

Advisor's Email: [email protected]

Advisor's Phone: (814) 487-7613 ext. 5106

Meeting Location: Studio 

Meeting Day/Time: Daily, 7:25 AM

honor societyClub Description: The NHS organization is a group of students who meet the requirements of character, leadership, service, and scholarship. These students set examples of success and integrity for Forest Hills. NJHS is a precursor organization for the National Honor Society. These students are selected based on their academics and character. 

Grades: NHS 11th and 12th  NJHS 9th and 10th grade

Advisor: Ms. Laura Yevchak

Advisor’s email: [email protected]

Advisor’s phone extension: (814) 487-7613 ext. 4204

Meeting Location: Zoom, LGI

Meeting Day/Time: Varies

readingClub Description: Students read a collection of 30 books assigned by the IU08. Students then compete against all other schools on the comprehension of the books.

Grades: 7-12

Advisor: Mrs. Raptosh


Advisor's Email: [email protected]

Advisor's Phone: (814) 487-7613 ext. 6102

Meeting Location: Library

Meeting Day/Time: Wednesday/Friday Activities Periods

ski Club Description: Students participating in ski club learn skiing and socialization skills. Ski club members explore both skiing and snowboarding while practicing on the slopes of Blue Knob Ski Resort. 

 Grades: 7-12th grade

 Advisor: Allen Myers

 Advisor's Email: [email protected]

 Meeting Location: Blue Knob Ski Resort

 Meeting Time/Location: 2 PM-7 PM on the slopes!

drama Description: The drama club provides a creative outlet for students to learn the magic of theatre either as an onstage performer or as a technical participant. Our goal is to provide students with the understanding that both roles are equally important in creating the finished product that the audience enjoys. Opportunities exist for those interested in acting, stage managing, artistic design and painting, hair and makeup design, lighting, and sound. The group takes a trip to New York each spring where students can experience Broadway productions and visit famous landmarks. Fundraising options are available to those interested. Participation in both the play and the musical, either on stage or behind the scenes, is required for trip eligibility.

Grades: 10-12 

Advisor: Melissa Livermore (director), Sean Dreher (technical director), Kelly Dreher (directing volunteer)

Advisor's Email: [email protected]

Advisor’s Phone Extension:  (814) 487-7613 x4201

Meeting Location: Rehearsals take place in the auditorium, occasional meetings occur during the school day, as needed, in room A201

Meeting Day/Time: Rehearsals typically occur after school until 5:30 and on Saturdays; set calls typically occur in the evenings and on Saturdays.The play is presented annually in early/mid May and falls in the timeline of the spring sports season. 


high esportsClub Description: Forest Hills ESports club members participate in competitive video gaming.

Grades: 11th-12th

Advisor: Mr. Grove

Advisor Email: [email protected]

Advisor phone extension: 4205

Meeting Location: A205

Meeting Time/Day: Monday-Activities Period

vballClub Description: The jaycee/jayceettes are responsible for the annual volleyball marathon.  The marathon benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Erin Hostetler scholarship fund.  The marathon includes participants in grades 5-12.

Grade: 12


Advisor: Jennifer Raptosh

Advisor Email: [email protected]

Advisors phone extension: (814) 487-7613 ext. 5106

Meeting Day/Time: Wednesdays/Fridays activity period

mock trialSummary: Mock trial is structured like real courtroom trials and follow the same rules and procedures, so students learn first-hand how the legal system works and what role judges, lawyers, juries, and witnesses play in the court system. This increased understanding helps students develop a deeper appreciation for our justice system and the administration of justice. The competition also helps students develop and improve their public speaking and critical thinking skills.

When/Where are the trials? Each team is guaranteed two trials (one representing the plaintiff and the other the defense), the first of which is typically held mid-January. For the actual trial, our team will travel to the actual Cambria or Blair County Courthouse to argue the case, in front of a real judge, versus the opposing school district.

Team Makeup: Our Mock Trial Team consists of a minimum of 3 lawyers, 3 witnesses, and 1 timekeeper. If we have more than 7 people interested, the advisors will decide who we feel is best suited for the available roles.

Who should join? Mock Trial is great for people who want to pursue a career in law. Those who enjoy arguing, are great at thinking on their feet, are highly organized, and like public speaking are great candidates for Mock Trial.

Grades: 9-12

Advisor: Chris Evans and Toni Wentzel

Advisor's email: [email protected][email protected]

Advisor’s phone extension: Mr. Evans: 4206, Mrs. Wentzel: 4202

Meeting Location: Practices are held in either Mr. Evans’ or Mrs. Wentzel’s room

Practice Meeting Day/Time: The regular season is from November-February, with March/April reserved for in-state competition.  

What does the day of the trial look like: Trials are usually held on a weekday and start at 6 pm, I like to arrive at the courthouse at 5:30.. We will leave Forest Hills on a bus and go to either the Blair County Courthouse in Altoona or Cambria County Courthouse in Ebensburg. Each team has 40 minutes total to present their case. After the trial is over, the presiding judge talks to both teams for 10-15 minutes while the jury deliberates and counts the scores. We typically get home around 9pm on the day of the trial.

promClub Name: Prom Committee

Club Description: Prom Committee helps plan the perfect prom. The committee takes care of choosing a theme, decorations, a venue, entertainment, and food. The committee gives their expertise and uses their creativity to make it a night to remember.

Grade: 11th

Advisor: Chelsea Weaver

Advisor’s email: [email protected]

Advisor’s phone extension: (814)-487-7613 ext. 6203

Meeting Location: C203

Meeting Day/Time: Tuesdays at 2:50-3:30 p.m. (March-May)

roboticsClub Description: Robotics Club is a team-oriented competitive club in which students work together to build robots and program them to compete in events against teams from other schools.  Students compete in an annual competition using only VEX robotics parts to complete various tasks against other teams in a two-minute time period.

Grades: 9-12

Advisor: Mr. Smith

Advisor's email: [email protected]

Advisor's phone extension: x1005

Meeting Location: D105

Meeting Day/Time: The club meets during the activity period and two days a week for building after school.

Club Description: A peer-to-peer education, prevention, and activism organization dedicated to preventing destructive decisions, particularly underage drinking, other drug use, risky and impaired driving, teen violence, and teen suicide.

Grades: 9-12

Advisor: Shannon Curry

Advisor's Email: [email protected]

Advisor's Phone: (814) 487-7613 ext. 4306

Meeting Location: C306

Meeting Day/Time: Thursday Activity Periods

quizClub Description: The Scholastic Quiz Team is Forest Hills' competitive student trivia team. We compete in a quiz-bowl format against local teams from Cambria and Somerset Counties for the chance to represent IU08 in state competition.

Grades: 9-12

Advisor: Mr. Kovalsky

Advisor's Email: [email protected]

Advisor's Phone: (814) 487-7613 ext. 5108

Meeting Location: B104

Meeting Day/Time: Fall Semester, After School

Club Description: Spanish Honor Society is an academic honor society that focus on the Spanish language and supports interest in Spanish studies 

Grade: 12 

Advisor: Mr. Golden 

Advisor's Email: [email protected]

Advisor's Phone: (814) 487-7613 ext. 5202 

spirit clubClub Description: Hosts events to foster school spirit.

Grades: 9th - 12th

Advisor: Mrs. Cecere

Advisor’s email: [email protected]

Advisor’s phone extension: (814)-487-7613 ext. 6105

Meeting Location: C105

Meeting Day/Time: Activity Period

stundent councilClub Description: A group of student leaders who work with an adult advisor to collaborate with others to impact their school community and the surrounding community.

Grades: 9th - 12th

Advisor: Mrs. Richardson

Advisor’s email: [email protected]

Advisor’s phone extension: (814)-487-7613 ext. 5201

Meeting Location: B201

Meeting Day/Time: Thursday, Activities or when needed

yearbookClub Description: Yearbook staff members take pictures, conduct interviews, and design the pages of the yearbook throughout the school year. In addition, they help market the book to the school and help raise money for the yearbook club. As a member of the yearbook club, students will get to meet new friends and interact with students in multiple grade-levels. Students will also improve their social skills, learn the importance of organization and meeting deadlines, use their creativity, and explore digital technology.

Grades: 9-12

Advisor: Dr. Motter

Advisor's Email: [email protected]

Advisor's Phone: (814) 487-7613 ext. 6102

Meeting Location: C102

Meeting Day/Time: Monday Activity Periods


The FINAL DEADLINE for senior portrait submission for inclusion in the 20222 senior high yearbook is
Friday, December 17, 2021. See the Senior Photography Criteria.


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